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Welcome to Ahmed Zaman.

Ahmed Zaman & Co is well established Accounting & Auditing Company since 1995, with proven track record servicing the community, business, corporation and individuals to increase their wealth within the legal limits.

We built our reputation because of our integrity, sincerity, personalized professional services and words of mouth.
We provide services in the area of Taxation, Accounting, Book Keeping and Auditing to our clients in Australia. We are pleased to announce, we have moved to our new office, which it's bigger and with good car parking place, so we can serve you bettter


Azaman Co Public Accountant & Registered Tax Agent.

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  • Taxation and Accounting Services for individuals, partnership, trust, company and Superfund
  • Business activity servicesservices (GST)
  • Auditing of travel agencies, associations, company, clubs, churches, charitable organization

At Ahmed Zaman & Co we are committed to the code of ethics and bye-laws propounded by the Australian Accounting Standards. We value every client and ensure complete confidentiality, reliability and promptness. To maintain the highest standards of quality is our aim

To be the best public accountant company in Australia.

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